Wanting to spend the night?

We can recommend several hotel options.

Hotels in Jordan Village

Hotels in Jordan Village are walkable from the venue and offer a convenient place to stay.


The Inn-on-Twenty is a super quaint, classic, posh inn, and located conveniently across the street from our reception.

We have a few rooms blocked. If you’d like to stay there contact us ASAP and we’ll give you the room code!

Jordan House Tavern & Lodging

It’s a lodge, and a place to put your head down. A short walk from the reception, if there is no room left in the Inn, the Jordan House Tavern is a good option.

Hotels near Jordan Village

The Ramada

While not technically in Jordan Village, it’s situated in Jordan Harbour, a 5-minute drive from the Village. The Ramada offers waterfront views.

Hotels in Grimsby

Grimsby is a ~10-minute drive from Jordan Village via King Street or the QEW.

The Casablanca Hotel

Quality Inn & Suites

Hotels in St. Catherines

St. Catherines is a ~20-minute drive from Jordan Village.

Holiday Inn

Capri Inn

Hampton Inn

Comfort Inn